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Are you interested in native medicinal plants? Do you care about their conservation? Do you like friendly competition? If so, the Appalachian Forest Plant Citizen Science (AF-PICS) project is for you. In the spirit of a gumshoe detective, become a PlantShoe botanical detective and help investigate forest plants across the Appalachian Region. By becoming a PlantShoe competitor you will improve opportunities for conserving native Appalachian medicinal forest plants by studying where they grow and helping forest farmers decide where to plant them.

Collect and Submit Data

We know a lot about timber, but relatively little about forest plants. You can help change this by becoming a PlantShoe. Anyone can participate by downloading the free application to your mobile device and going to the woods to collect information on habitat for select plants. Simply take your phone with you into the woods and when you find Goldenseal, Black Cohosh, Bloodroot, or Ramps, use your PlantShoe app to collect data about the site. Once you get back, connect to the internet and submit your survey.

Site Assessment Tool

Want help figuring out where to setup a forest farming operation? The PlantShoe Site Assessment Tool can help you identify places in your forest with preferred habitat. Anyone can use this tool to find and select a portion of forestland and identify the places that offer preferable conditions. A free report is provided to you with all the details.

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Citizen science is practically a new buzz word. Want to know what the hype is all about? Join our PlantShoe Facebook Group where you can discuss your findings (no locations please!), talk with others, troubleshoot, and zero in on fun plant facts that could help you up your game as a PlantShoe Detective. If you think you found one of the four plants but you aren't sure, post photos and gain insight from group members.

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