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Becoming a PlantShoe - Let's Get Started!

Register as a PlantShoe

Simply click the join button and choose a username, enter the email address at which you would prefer to receive PlantShoe information, and designate your password. From there you will be directed to your personal PlantShoe page where you can see the number of surveys you've submitted and access the forum. Once you've joined, you can click the login button to access your account.

Download the App

You will need an iOS or Android device that is GPS capable and photograph enabled. You'll use this app to complete field surveys on specific plots. The app is equipped with a resources folder to help you identify plants and complete each field survey. You can complete as many field surveys as you want.

Collect and Submit Your Data

You will collect data on what you see in the survey plot by answering several questions in the application about important habitat features such as slope position and forest type. This will help characterize the site in general. You will also take photographs of the plants and also record sound at the site and summarize habitat characteristics in your own words. This will help interpret habitat conditions using what you see and hear. Lastly, you will record a GPS point. This information WILL NOT be used to go back and find these plants nor be released publicly in any way. Rather, it will help rapidly determine the environmental conditions in which these plants reside by combining location with environmental information such as growing season, climate, wind, and sunlight.

To upload your data, you'll have to manually sync when your device has internet access (such as home internet, a coffee shop, or the library). Upon syncing, the application will send completed surveys to our server. Syncing while in the field might use a large part of your mobile data plan, so we suggest waiting until you get back home.

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